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Futures and Commodities


Series 3 Exam Training

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The course training is delivered in an online virtual format that will teach you all of the course topics to pass the Series 3 test online. Begin web based study prep from anywhere in the world. Course is easy to use, assumes no prior Knowledge and guides you through each exam section step by step.


Our Futures and Commodities License course is created for self study, and carries the highest success pass rate. The Series 3 course starts from the beginning and goes topic by topic in order, so there is no prior experience required. The prep training material includes accurate practice test questions following each section. American Investment Training provides a data bank of hundreds of practice Series 3 Test questions with detailed answers that you learn from.

Practice Final Exams

Our Practice Final Tests are included with the study course prep material. Our computerized Series 3 program offers chapter and final exams. The Book and Software combination course or the online course will prepare you fully to pass the Futures and Commodities Exam.

Topics Include:

Options and Contracts - Futures Theory and Strategies - Hedging Positions - Margin and Accounts