Series 52 Exam License Training

Municipal Securities Exam Course


Series 52 Training Course

Municipal Securities Exam Training

The Series 52 eXAM licensing course is CREATED TO GET YOU TO pass your licensing exam FAST! The study course package is perfect for people who have a proven record of success when studying without the direction of a teacher. Begin the prep for the Series 52 exam wit the study text for a thorough viewing that covers every area of the Series 52 Test. We provide the most accurate practice questions and simulated exams to make sure you are ready to take and PASS your exam!

The exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions with a 2 hour and 30 minute time limit. The passing grade for the Series 52 is 70%.

Test Topics Include:

  • Types of Municipal Bonds and other Municipal Debt - General Obligation (G.O.) that are backed by a taxing Power (State, City, Local) and Revenue Bonds and Notes, backed by the a source producing revenue to back the debt, other specialized bonds including short term notes

  • The fundamentals of Municipals - Tax free status, whether federal exempt or Federal and Local tax free. No exemption from capital gains tax resulting in the sale of a municipal security for profit. Nominal rate interest payments and yields, including tax free equivalent yield and yield to maturity

  • Marketing of Municipal Bonds - Primary/New Issue Market, including underwriting and financing, notice of sale and official statement, syndicate bidding process. Secondary market and trading of muni bonds, OTC and types of trades - principal or agency trades

  • Economic factors and indicators - Monetary and fiscal policy as it effects the municipal bond market and taxation effect. Also factors Affecting Interest Rates including the federal reserve and interest rates, along with Supply and demand for credit relative to the economic and business cycles

  • Municipal bond regulations

License Study Text - This Series 52 Course textbook is the foundation of your 52 series exam preparation. The text addresses key terms and significant topics, broken down into easily digestible units. Units contain multiple graphics, exercises, quizzes, and discussion questions to help you learn faster and remember important information as you prepare for your series exam. The text also includes:

  • Practice exam

  • Glossary of common terms

  • Appendix with commonly used charts

Computer - Online Practice Exams -  Study and prepare with our computer generated “real feel” Series 52 practice tests. Test your exam taking skills and your Municipal securities knowledge with thousands of accurate questions and detailed answer explanations. This interactive Exam program allows you to build personalized exams based on length and topic of your choice and features unlimited exam attempts that are randomly generated each time. The test study program also gives you the ability to:

  • Complete the exams online or print them out to study at a later time and place.

  • Review your performance on previously taken Series 52 practice exams.

  • Track time spent on a question and/or exam.

  • Search for specific questions based on keyword, question ID, or notes.

  • Create personal notes and bookmarks on questions for future reference.

  • Build weighted mock exams to provide a comprehensive test review of all material.

Series 52 Practice Exam - Test your performance with an online collection of practice questions built on the most current test topics. Frequently updated to address the latest regulations, this exam may be taken only once and provides a score with diagnostic feedback. It is designed to be an accurate measure of preparedness before your actual exam. You should carefully review all Practice Exam questions and topics prior to your series exam to ensure the best possible results.

Exam Tips and Updates - As you prepare for exam day, use this online resource to stay up-to-date on the most current changes and study strategies related to your series licensing exam.