Series 65

Registered Investment Adviser Course


Series 65 Licensing Course

Includes: On Demand Class - Exam Study Course Manual - Test Bank of Questions - Class Notes, and more!

The Series 65 Exam consists of 130 graded multiple choice questions. Each person has 180 minutes to compete the test. To pass the Series 65, you must get a 72% passing score.

The Exam covers Topics Including:

  • Economic factors and concepts - U.S Dollar inflation, economic indicators and reports and trade deficits

  • Types of risk - economic, market, inflation risk etc.

  • Investment Product types and characteristics - Such as Government, municipal and corporate bonds and how their price and yield work along with marketability

  • Equity products - common, preferred stock, variable annuity - characteristics, risk and suitability

  • Ethics and laws dealing with customers and investment products and management - Fees, costs and unlawful representations concerning registrations, including conflicts of interest and other fiduciary issues

Pass the SERIES 65 using our complete study program. The course includes a full study manual, updated online test questions, video, glossary of terms. study calendar and more!

Once you register for the course, you will access to:

  • Study Calendar

  • License Exam Study Book

  • Online databank of test questions

  • Series 65 Video Library

  • Practice Exams

  • Midterm Exam

  • Test taking tips


The Series 65 training Course is in the process of being updated

Please check back with us or contact us!